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The dental profession is unique in that dental front office staff, assistants, and hygienists have the ability to offer temp services outside of regularly scheduled hours and days off. When their regular dental office is closed, these employees can opt to temp in another office so as to not to disrupt their flow of income. They also have the option of offering these services in addition to their regular schedule to earn extra money. For these professionals, temping can also be a great way to keep their skill-set sharp, maintain their license, and set a schedule of their choosing.

For dentists, this portability of job skills is also incredibly beneficial. Every dentist knows that when an employee calls in sick it can mean a huge loss of production and support around the office for the day – not to mention the inconvenience to the dental patients with having to reschedule. It’s great to be able to call on temp dental hygienists, assistants, and front office staff to help out when a regular employee is unable to make it to work.

The dental temp industry has long been ruled by brick and mortar establishments, and more recently by the phenomena of guerrilla social media requests for temp help. We thought there had to be a better way! With our team’s experience in the industry we decided to create a third, more efficient option – On Call Dental Temps was born!

We have harnessed industry know-how and the power of technology to connect dental offices directly with dental professionals available to provide temp help. No more phone or email tag to book a temp for the day. No more posting in five social media groups and trying to bribe hygienists with chocolate and free parking just to get someone to help out for the day. (Ok…you can still do that. But you don’t need to!)

So, how does On Call Dental Temps work?

You start by signing up as a dental practice representative or a dental professional. When a dental office needs temp help, they login to our website and fill out a request form. Within seconds, the request is sent out via text message to all professionals who are registered in that office’s geographic area. If a dental professional sees a position they are interested in, they can text, email or call the office. Once the dental office has connected with someone who has the specific qualifications they are seeking, they confirm directly with that person. The day at the dental office is SAVED!

dental temps

dental temps

Note: We recommend dental professionals fill out an OCDT Temp Packet of paperwork to bring with them to all offices they temp with, and hand this to the front office staff upon arrival.

We want to build the largest network of its kind in the country. We hope to make this the best resource for connecting dental practices with temporary dental professionals. We have some exciting features we plan to roll out as we grow in the near future like a search function, reviews… lots of great things! And here is the best part…we want to make it accessible for everyone to use by NOT CHARGING!

No kidding – we aren’t charging! You can sign up to receive text messages as a dental professional or send text messages as a dental practice rep FOR FREE! All we ask is that if you find this service useful, please consider donating to help us cover the expenses (about $10,000/month) for us to operate this site. Click here to donate – it only takes a minute and will ensure that we can keep this site FREE for everyone to use!

We would love to hear what you think about this site – what works great, what we can improve on, or even what you feel is missing. Feel free to email us or call us at 1 (206) 880-0302!

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