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From Anchorage to Miami. Boston to Honolulu. We have deployed our network in every major metropolitan area of the United States. Are you a dental assistant looking for temp work in Dallas? We’ve got a network there. Are you a dentist looking for a temporary dental hygienist in Columbus, Ohio? You guessed it – we’ve got a network there as well.

Our service is 100% FREE FOR EVERYONE to use. Whether you are a dental professional seeking temporary work or a dental practice looking for temp help – all we ask is that if you found our service valuable, consider making a donation so we can continue to operate!

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Built by experienced dental professionals

We’ve all been there before. Coffee in hand, you stroll into work ready to start your day of seeing patients. But, something is amiss. The dentist looks exasperated. The practice manager is frantically working the phones. Turns out that one of your fellow team members just called in sick. What to do? Cancel their appointments or contact one of the “expensive” temp agencies and try to find help?

There’s a better… and more efficient way. On Call Dental Temps was specifically built by dental professionals for practices to find temporary help in a matter of minutes. By utilizing our first in the industry text message notification system, practice managers can find temporary help in minutes. Whether you need a hygienist, assistant, or support staff – we’ve got you covered!

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“On Call Dental Temps is a life saver! Within just a few minutes, we can notify all of the subscribed dental professionals in our area that we need help. No more canceled appointments and lost revenue!”

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