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Dental Professionals: Looking for temporary work? We’ve got you covered.

Are you working for a practice but would like more hours? Maybe you are saving to buy a new home or have children and would like to earn extra income? We are and that’s why we’ve built On Call Dental Temps – to simplify and expedite the process of finding local dental practices in need of temporary dental professionals like YOU. The best part is that our services are available to you absolutely FREE!

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How it works for dental practices


How we’re different…

text message notifications

Utilizing our “first in the industry” text message notification system, practices can instantly notify you when they have a temp staffing need. Interested in working for the practice? Simply email, call or text the practice back and confirm your availability!

OnCall Calendar

Have a free morning or afternoon and would like to earn some extra income? Check out our OnCall Calendar! Browse dental practices with temp staffing needs and book online. Or post your availability to the CareCalendar for all practices to see.

100% Automated

Unlike other dental staffing agencies, we are 100% automated which means you can find dental practices to work with FASTER! No more checking social media or messaging your friends to find opportunities!

Nationwide network

From Alaska to Florida and all points in between, we have over 100 networks of dental practices and professionals across the United States. Find dental practices with staffing needs no matter where you are located!

“I work part-time for a great office but I wanted to make more money. I signed up with On Call Dental last Monday and have made almost $1,000 in extra income this week alone!”

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RDH in Southern California

Simplifying and connecting the dental industry…

We have created two amazing, “industry first” tools to help dental professionals connect with dental practices with temporary staffing needs. Our Temp Staffing Message Service and OnCall Calendar.
100% FREE to use for dental professionals!


When a dental practice has an immediate staffing need, they can notify you by using our Temp Staffing Message Service. To receive notifications about temp opportunities in your area:

Step #1:  Sign up for a Dental Professional membership (remember, it’s totally FREE!)

Step #2: During the sign up process, select what types of jobs you would like to hear about (hygienist, assistant or support staff)

Step #3: Enter the mobile phone number where you would like to receive notifications about new jobs

That’s it! You’re all set!


When a dental practice in your area has a temp opportunity available, you will immediately receive a text message with details about the job. If interested, email, call, or text the practice and let them know you are available!

Click here to see a sample text message staffing request

Ready to start hearing about temp opportunities in your area? Sign up here!

If you have a free morning or afternoon and want to find a temp opportunity, check out our OnCall Calendar:

Step #1:  Sign up for a membership (remember, it’s totally FREE!)

Step #2: Once signed up, click here to go to the OnCall Calendar

Step #3: You can either browse temp opportunities posted by dental practices or post your own OnCall Calendar event

Step #4: If you find a temp opportunity that fits what you are looking for, you have the option to book the job directly online. If you decide to post your own event, interested practice representatives can message you to discuss or book you.

Ready to use the OnCall Calendar? Sign up here!


I don’t see my city listed. Will you start a network in my city soon?

Quite possibly! Send us an email by clicking here and let us know where we should launch our next network. If we receive enough interest in your city or area, we will launch a network there shortly. Make sure to tell your friends to email us as well!

What is the cost to sign up?

For dental professionals (i.e. hygienists, assistants, support staff), our site is 100% FREE to use.

For dental practice representatives, we offer two affordable memberships. Our monthly membership is $79.99 and can be cancelled at anytime. We also offer an annual membership for $499.99.

Why do you use text messages to notify subscribed dental professionals instead of email, IOS/Android notifications, etc.?

Simple! Text messages are proven to be opened much more frequently than emails – meaning many more people are reading text messages versus emails. If you are a dental practice rep and have a temporary staffing need, one of your top priorities is filling that need as soon as possible. Text message notifications will help to achieve that.

I am a dentist and would like to request temp help from the network several times per month. Is that okay?

Yes! Feel free to use the OnCall Calendar and Member Search tools as often as you like. Please note that you are limited to 10 Temp Staffing Message requests per calendar month with your Dental Practice Representative membership.

I have never worked temporarily before. What information/documents do I need to have ready for my first day of work?

We’ve got you covered! Click here to see a list of documents and important information to compile before you show up for your temporary gig.

Once I submit the form to request temporary help, how long until the text message alert is sent to subscribed professionals in my network?

Almost immediately. Our system does a quick check to ensure the submission contains all of the necessary and important information. Once that has been completed, the text message is sent out to all subscribed professionals in your selected network.

I signed up as a Dental Practice Member and completed the form to request temporary help. But I didn’t hear from anyone. Did I do something wrong?

Probably not. If there is something wrong with your request, we will notify you via email or a phone call. We launched this service at the end of 2018 and are working hard to sign up new dental professionals across the United States. Please be patient as we continue to reach out and inform professionals about this new service.